Dresspack systems

There are no limits to the variety of dresspacks and components. Blue corrugated hoses or yellow smooth tube systems, upside down or special installations for special machinery – we provide you with the best solutions for every application and every robot type

Retract systems


LEONI has completely redesigned the LSH guided robot dresspack solution to be more reliable, compact and flexible, thus making the LSH 3 the most innovative dresspack solution in the global market today. Its intelligent and extremely compact design minimise one of the most common causes of error for robot power supply – collision with interfering contours. This benefit in combination with extremely durable materials and proven components creates maximum clearance with a close-fitting dresspack on the robot arm.

The LSH 3‘s benefits include:

  • Compact design: fewer interfering contours and lower risk of collision
  • Significantly reduced volume, overall weight and length
  • Maximum flexibility for dresspack routing
  • Compatibility with all LSH versions, without the need for any additional programming
  • Compatible to corrugated and smooth yellow tube umbilicals
  • Significantly faster replacement of dresspacks in comparison with earlier models
  • No maintenance on the retraction element required
  • All components are subjected to extensive field testing

LSH 3 is available for new robots, regardless of size, manufacturer, type or application, as well as retrofits and upgrades for existing workcells. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally or upside down and each system can accommodate up to two dresspacks with the widest range of nominal diameters. Optionally, a rotating pivot bearing can be mounted on the front end, which supports even the most extreme movement sequences while reducing stress on the dresspack. The standard extension length of the LSH 3 is 350 mm. Mounting can take place on a customer-specific basis on axis 3, with or without adapter plate. Do you have special requirements? We would be glad to write up an individual offer for you.

Your LSH 3 – your individual design

Let us know if you would like your LSH 3 housing in a custom colour or provided with your company logo. We can also provide the LSH 3 with custom extension lengths after prior arrangement. 


The compact solution for applications on robots with lower load bearing capacities.

Casing specifications

  • Glass fiber and mineral reinforced plastic casing
  • Dresspack length adjustable up to 0.5 m
  • Optimum gliding properties
  • UL 94 V-2 rating
  • 100 % silicone free
  • Compatible for dresspacks with various nominal widths by easy fitting of adapters
  • Mechanical properties
    – shock-resistant
    – dirt-repelling
    – abrasion-proof
    – smooth and robust outer contour
    – torsional stiffness and break resistance
  • Ability to fit in any position without affecting the function of the spring retraction e.g.: upside down installation and over-flip is no problem 

The LSC can be used in dirty surroundings like e.g. in sandblasting or milling applications.

The system is easy to clean without opening it. The LSC is applicable for different nominal widths (48, 70 & 95). All other widths can be adapted, accordingly. It is predestined to be used for applications with maximum bending radius or straight feeding applications e.g. for rivets or studs. Generally, several systems can be installed compactly and in parallel on the robot e.g. leading several dresspacks to the robot tool. 

Special solutions

Aside from our standardized solutions we offer customized special solutions. The spring foot solution can be applied if no or only a small retract length is required and if the robot trajectory is simple. The open spring return system can be modified on site – fast and simple



Tougher. Smarter. More compact.



The smartest LWR solution

to fix dresspacks and components

with flexible brackets


Dresspacks & Integration-Ready Robots


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