Wheel & tire validation system

Key features

  • Standard, cost-effective product
  • Stores 100+ wheel and tire models and combinations
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all industry-standard equipment and industrial IP network protocols (e.g. EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFINET, etc.)
  • Integrated product reduces maintenance, operational costs
  • Comes with comprehensive operations,training and changeover manual
  • Training provided on-site or at LEONI’scertified school of learning facility
  • Additional features available at customer request

Production-ready standard product

based on years of tire and wheel inspection installations at multiple customer sites across North America.

System overall validation results

  • Balance ID mark alignment
  • Wheel/tire/TPMS/logo/feature orientation
  • Center cap (color/style/orientation)
  • Gloss finish identification (high/medium/low-gloss finish)

Wheel identification features

  • Style
  • Diameter
  • Color
  • Center cap

Tire identification features

  • Tread pattern (2D identification and 3D analysis)
  • Tire dimensions: tread width, sidewall height, overall height, inner diameter, etc.
  • D.O.T. code – record and/or validate
  • Sidewall text validation

Customer benefits

  • Prevents mismatched wheels and tires
  • Simplifies changeover, new model training
  • 3D analysis guarantees correct tire/wheel combination
  • Industry’s highest performance reliability, accuracy rates, and uptime
  • Product testimonials, references available on request


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Wheel & tire validation system

Wheel & tire validation system


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