Unracking, gripper measurement & part location

advintec 6D laser measurement

Cost savings with LEONI unracking solutions

The challenge:

In modern production plants it is often necessary to extract parts (body side panels, roofs, hoods and similar parts) that are then delivered in bins for further processing in a fully automated fashion. To this end, industrial robots are mostly used. If the part is not exactly located where expected, the robot cannot continue its operating cycle.

The solution: 

  • guidance of the robot via an electronic part-calibration system
  • 6D calibration of the part position (translation and rotation) by means of laser or infrared sensors integrated within the gripper – direct connection with robot controller via field bus
  • automated adjustment of pick position – online

Your benefit:

  • cost saving in comparison to conventional mechanical systems
  • easy maintenance and ease of use
  • robot guidance independent of lighting conditions or part variations
  • minimization of training costs for users and maintenance staff
  • compact, light, robust and integrated directly into the gripper, the system can be retrofitted to the production line without time-consuming modifications

Correction takes place directly and automatically in the ongoing production process. During setup the correct part position is learned automatically.

Easy to understand – short instruction time and ease of use.

Advantages, technical data and integration

Advantages at a glance
  • automatic calculation of the gripping position of parts for unracking applications
  • auto-commissioning and ease of use
  • sensor integration in the gripper
  • scalable modular system easily adapts to individual unracking applications
  • calibration controller calculates part position and transfers the offsets to the robot controller via the field bus interface
    – high process reliability
    – no additional PC‘s required
    – logging of calibration data
  • automatic correction of pick-up position
  • easy crash recovery
  • reduction of costs
    – prevents part damage
    – ensures exact gripping position
    – shortens setup times
Technical data of the LEONI unracking solution
Sensor type
Laser class 2 875 nm + ultrasonic
Field bus (DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, etc.)
Calibration accuracy
0.1 mm
Protection class
Dirty surroundings
6 (3 translations + 3 rotations)
Automatic correction
Fields of application
Unracking of side panels, roofs, bonnets (hoods) or similar parts

Integration of the unracking calibration system in the production process:

  • uncomplicated
  • reduction of robot programming to a minimum
  • fast and easy commissioning
  • logging of calibration-data: regular data evaluation possible at all times
  • no additional PCs required

Scope of supply:

  1. sensors installed in gripper
  2. advintec controller
  3. cable set: power cable, sensor cable, bus cable set
  4. sensor interface
  5. robot program for calibration
  6. commissioning and training


Six dimensions
A = Rotation around Z axis
B = Rotation around Y axis
C = Rotation around X axis

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advintec 6D laser measurement

advintec 6D laser measurement


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