Machine vision systems

Turn-key vision solutions – our speciality

Can’t be done. Must be done.

LEONI Vision Solutions loves a good challenge. We were the first machine vision integrator to be named by the AIA as a Certified Systems Integrator (CSI), and no other company has more advanced-level Certified Vision Professionals (CVP) than LEONI. Using our in-house machine vision development lab and highly qualified engineering team, LEONI Vision Solutions regularly solves industry’s most difficult machine vision inspection, assembly and verification applications.  

How do we do it? Simple.

LEONI Vision Solutions engineers start with in-depth front-end analysis to build a well-informed foundation for the vision solution design. Then we design, integrate, commission and support a custom solution using the best machine vision hardware and software for your application – not our partner’s software or a preferred hardware provider. 

Application types

Our knowledgeable staff of “Certified Vision Professionals” at the Advanced Level by the AIA (Automated Imaging Association) specializes in turn-key solutions for the following application types:

  • Robot guidance: Positioning of the robot using a vision-based solution
    – Reduction of hard tooling and labor costs 
  • Defect detection: Inspection of the surface quality of an object (i.e. cracks, porosity, voids, etc.)
    – Improvement of quality and reduction of scrap
  • Assembly verification: Verifying the presence of objects within a given area
    – Verification of manual or machine assembly
  • Part identification: Identifying the correct part is present and tracking the item through the assembly process (e.g. Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Datamatrix, 1D Barcode, etc.) 
    – Full scale traceability of manufacturing / assembly process

Machine Vision Systems

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LEONI is an aia member.

LEONI is a ria member.


Why you want a certified systems integrator (CSI)

LEONI Vision Solutions’ Certified System Integrator (CSI) status means that the North American machine vision standards and trade association, AIA (Automated Imaging Association), has evaluated our depth of expertise and industry experience and certified we meet the highest standards for a machine vision integrator.

Customers can trust that CSI-certified companies specialize in system integration and have met the AIA’s specific criteria for:

  • Years of experience
  • Skill level of employees – a minimum number of CVP advanced team members
  • Number of projects completed each year
  • Verified experience in specific industries

Why you want a certified vision professional (CVP)

LEONI Vision Solutions has a reputation of being at the forefront of machine vision technology. As a result, LEONI Vision Solutions’ engineers have been certified at the Advanced Level by the AIA. The CVP program requires that vision professionals retest every three years to maintain their certification.

Topics covered by CVP include:

  • Advanced Color Theory & Applications
  • 3D Vision Solution Development
  • Designing High-Speed & Linescan Vision
  • Advanced Lighting, Advanced Optics, Metrology
  • Particle Analysis & Classification Techniques
  • Advanced Vision Guided Robotics
  • Advanced Camera & Image Sensor Technologies


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Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision Systems


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