Secondary welding cables

High endurance secondary welding cables

Our range of secondary welding cables is designed for the industrial operation of robot and manual welding guns and for power supply in mechanical engineering. High flexibility due to specially stranded copper wires and crimped lugs, good heat abstraction through a perforated inner jacket as well as effective cooling are just some of the characteristics of these cables.

Comparison between water cooled jumpers and kickless cables:

Both are generally used on separate transformers for spot welding applications in order to transport the current from the source (tranformer) to the tool (welding gun). The water cooled jumper has only one polarity, the kickless cable has both current polarities in one cable (less kicks during current load).

The choice between these technologies is in general based on two parameters:

  1. The type of terminal on the tool and/or on the source
  2. The ergonomy of the work station (manual ergonomy or robot movement)


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