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We have every capability for the manufacture of robotic cables.

Complete robotic cable solutions

Cables used for robots have to meet the highest requirements in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. They need to withstand rapid acceleration and deceleration, tensile, compressive and torsion stress as well as the millions of bending cycles. They also need to be resistant to high temperatures, welding spatters, oil and various other chemicals. We use standard and special insulation material which makes our cables highly abrasion and media resistant, always keeping their high flexibility. Moreover, we offer an extensive range of cables for fixed applications. We offer you customized special cables with minimum order quantities, starting at 100 m – with short delivery times. Standard cables are often delivered ex-stock.

Taking into account our long years of expertise in the design, production, installation and service of robotic cables we truly are cable experts – you can rely on us.

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