Motion control cables

LEONI provides cables for motion-controlled drive mechanisms in machine tools (MC = motion control) under the brand name FieldLink MC.

FieldLink® MC

Motion control cables for drives technology

In drive technology, the trend is towards more complex cable systems and fully cabled modules. The quantity of data and speed of transmission are simultaneously rising rapidly. Interference-proof, fixed and dragline-compatible feedback, power and hybrid cables are required. In addition, harsh industrial environments require extremely robust, permanently flexible cables that are long-lasting and reliable under high mechanical loads.

LEONI is able to meet the market’s requirements through a smaller outer diameter, application-oriented cable assemblies and the use of special materials. In addition customer specific solutions as well as cables with international standards (UL, CSA and DESINA) will be developed.

Advantages at a glance:

  • high quality level – DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certified
  • certified cables according to the established standards (VDE, IEE, EN IEC)
  • compliance of international standards such as UL, CSA und DESINA
  • development of customised solutions
  • assembled product solutions
  • short delivery times through various lengths
  • higher safety by electrical test procedures (i.e. RF-test equipment) and on-road test (i.e. drag chain test facilities with a travel distance up to 50 m and an acceleration more than 50 m/s2)
  • assembly ready and functionally tested
  • fast availability worldwide
  • qualified manufacturing technology
  • robust and highly flexible
  • customer-specific logistics services
  • decrease storage costs by just-in-time deliveries

FieldLink® MC cable types

Hybrid cables

LEONI hybrid cables reaches new heights in cost efficiency and flexibility. The innovative design combines energy supply and data transfer in one single cable. The wiring expenditures is thereby reduced up to 85 %.

In addition the cables withstand up to 10 million bending cycles and significantly increases modularity in machines and systems.

Feedback cables

To enable the information supply of any drive in a factory, LEONI provides all current feedback cable types for up to date motion control standards and standardisation according to UL, CSA and DESINA. FieldLink MC feedback cables provide the connected drive with the necessary data and programming of its potential. They also provide the information for positioning and control of the drive‘s actuation

Power cables

LEONI power cables are highly flexible and designed for either the single power supply of drives or the additional signal transmission via one or two twisted pair elements for brakes or thermal sensors. They are standardised according to UL, CSA and DESINA and are highly EMC compatible as well as insusceptible to electrical interferences. The cables are available for flexible and trailing applications optional with brakes and thermistor.


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FieldLink® MC

FieldLink® MC

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