LEONI connector for feed-hose

Connector for extruded rivet feed-hoses or rivet feed-hose cores in protective sheathes

  • Compatible
  • Robust
  • Maintenance-free

The challenge

Easy and quick replacement of the rivet core or the rivet feed-hose, where necessary, without disassembly of additional system components, in case of wear or preventive maintenance.

The solution

The rivet feed-hose connector is suitable for all common feed-hose core types (T-profiles) independent of the brand.

The main body remains the same for all rivet core variants. Only the internal plastic inserts have to be adapted to the geometry of the feed-hose core, which assures high compatibility with all common feed-hose types. Compression glands are used to secure the feed-hose cores and the feed-hoses to the mainbody. As the compression glands are non-constricting, the system is pressure-stable with a low tightening force. The special internal geometry of the main body ensures an errorfree installation of the plastic adapters (Poka Yoke) and a replacement without any dismantling of additional components.

Product Description

The rivet cores with the plastic adapters are inserted from both sides into the main body through the pressure glands (M32 or M40 system) and meet in the middle. The plastic adapters are indexed relative to one another by the special internal geometry of the main body. Dowels and spring-loaded retaining pins ensure the precise positioning of the plastic adapters in the main body and hold the plastic adapters in their axial position.

The design of the internal profile of the main body excludes errors in the installation of the plastic adapters (Poka Yoke). The geometry allows a smooth and simple guidance of the ends of the rivet cores including the adapters through the compression glands. To ensure a long-lasting and secure use, the rivet cores are glued to the adapters.

The rivet feed-hose connector can also be used with semihollow self-piercing rivets, friction welding and Flow-Drill screws in the automobile industry and in aircraft construction.


  • Fast replacement – reduction of downtime
  • Pressure-stable due to the use of non-constricting compression glands
  • Maintenance-free
  • Use as compressed air amplifier possible
  • Cost saving – replacement of individual sections of the feed-hose
  • One aluminium main body for all common rivet feed-hose types (T-profile)
  • Compression glands for various hose diameters up to max. 36 mm
  • High compatibility – exchangable adapters
  • Self-positioning and locking of the adapters – avoidance of incorrect assembly (Poka Yoke)
  • Robust and simple system design


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LEONI connector for feed-hose

LEONI connector for feed-hose

Connector for extruded rivet
feed-hoses or rivet feed-hose cores
in protective sheathes


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