Dresspack systems

As solution provider we offer not only cables and dresspacks. We also develop and supply all guiding elements required for smooth operation. Individual support components for guiding dresspacks, diverse installation fittings and innovative coupling and connector systems are some examples of our broad range of components.

Top quality materials. Longevity. Simple handling.

Components for lightweight and collaborative robots

 With LEONI B-Flex we offer a flexible and slip-resistant solution for attaching components and dresspacks to lightweight and collaborative robots. 

LEONI B-Flex Holder
Hook and loop fastener 30 x 460 mm & 30 x 360 mm
  • Cable star Ø 23 mm
  • Drilling: individually
Holder axis 6 with wrist support Ø 63 mm
Corrugated hose LEONI proflex Ø 17 mm & 23 mm blue


Flexible and anti-slip solution in order to mount

  • Single components
  • Small dresspacks


  • Easy and fast installation by hook and loop
  • Installation on diverse surfaces (cast iron, aluminum, varnish) due to the material use of thermoplastic
  • Installation on any type of arm profile (round or square)
  • Anti-slip properties
  • No risk of injury during human-machine-collaboration (soft edges, flexible)
  • Application on various diameters possible due to ideal bending properties and flexibility
  • No screw connection required
  • Installation without any tools
  • Very low construction height / close fitting (minimized interfering contours)
  • Minimum weight
  • Maintenance-free

Fields of application

Leight weight robots
Collaborative robots

  • No metal parts
  • No sharp edges

Quick repairs

  • Fixation on robot arm
  • Fixation on corrugated hose


  • Insert hook and loop in the according slots of the flexible holder
  • Position the holder at the preferred position on the robot or corrugated hose
  • Guide the dresspack through the hook and loop and the holder
  • Tighten and close the hook and loop fastener



Tougher. Smarter. More compact.



The smartest LWR solution

to fix dresspacks and components

with flexible brackets


Dresspacks & Integration-Ready Robots


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