Dresspack services

Reduce your downtime

Starting with cable production through the installation, optimization and final check of the dresspack systems LEONI can reduce your downtime. We also offer after sales services such as preventive maintenance, repair and refurbishment of dresspacks.


Globally experienced service teams

LEONI recognizes the importance of providing professional installation services to secure a smooth operating schedule for the customer. Our globally experienced service teams make sure that LEONI dresspack systems are installed, professionally.

Quickly, on-site, worldwide.

Optimization of dresspack systems and trajectories*

The optimization of dresspack systems goes hand in hand with robot programming. Only perfectly coordinated robot movements and the corresponding positioning of the dresspack ensure a maximum lifetime of the total system – you can rely on us.

LEONI offers you one-stop robot programming and optimization and during the whole lifecycle of your system. If you decide on robot programming being conducted by your own staff we support and advise them on site.

The optimization includes among others: 

  • Optimization of the interference-free trajectory
  • Adjustment of the ideal length of the components at junction 6 and of the interface at junction 3
  • Improving position and relocation of support parts
  • Test protocol of the optimization including pictures

Our warranty extends to newly installed spare parts only. In particular critical applications can require extraordinary solutions. In such ones we are happy to offer you application-specific mounting and guiding systems.

Final check*

A final check is required to establish the basis for LEONI's warranty / product liability (country-specific). With this additional service we confirm the installation as compliant to the customers' specifications and its suitability for serial production.

The final check includes among others:

  • Improving position and relocation of support parts if necessary
  • Adjustment of the ideal length of the components at junction 6 and of the interface at junction 3

If the system is found to be damaged or if further optimization appears necessary (e. g. special support parts) we provide a list of these changes with a view to ensuring the maximum service life of the system.

In any event and subject to customer approval a copy of the robot program at the time is documented. To complete the test record photo documentation of the final check can be provided. LEONI conducts this final check worldwide, on-site.


LEONI provides specialised dresspack maintenance support. This includes the analysis of failure-modes based on long-term observation as well as system audits (target-performance comparison of e. g. TPM measures) with resultant performance improvement to the customer. 

It also implies the creation of maintenance guidelines. Moreover LEONI supports you with innovative, computer-aided maintenance management tools as well as routine maintenance visits conducted by the LEONI service technician. The service technician will support you at your plant on an ongoing basis. He will therefore be able to point out potentials for optimization and identify wear-and-tear at an early stage. LEONIs service technician will support your own maintenance work with advice on the correct spares and with additional pointers for urgent measures thereby ensuring the timely exchange of parts before costly production stoppages occur.

This is a major benefit to our customers, whose plant uptime is thereby further increased. Flexibility and broad know-how, also in the area involving solutions for special applications, are features that characterise the LEONI service technician.

Repair and refurbishment of dresspack systems*

Ensuring the proper function of our customers' systems

With LEONI, quick and effective help is secured. In the event of a breakdown we exchange broken parts, reuse functional components to rebuild and re-integrate into new systems. Moreover the refurbishment, i.e. dismantling and proper disposal of the old system as well as the installation of a new system considering state of the art technique is taken care of by us. This results in direct cost savings for our customers.

* Project specific differences regarding the scope of work are possible.


Service life is influenced by a number of factors: it is directly affected not only by the quality of the components but also by the skills of the local service technician. Our specialised team of technical coaches works to ensure 100% knowledge transfer and offers on-site training courses for your personnel to ensure that they can carry out repairs, changes and replacements for dresspack components both independently and to a professional standard.




Tougher. Smarter. More compact.


LEONI B-Flex Cobot

LEONI B-Flex Cobot

The smartest LWR solution to fix dresspacks and components with flexible brackets


Dresspacks & Integration-Ready Robots

Dresspacks & Integration-Ready Robots



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