Calibration / measuring systems

Applicable for all rotation-symmetric tools

For special applications we offer you optional technology packages

TCP software milling

This software add-on was developed specifically for milling applications and allows the calibration of rotating tools with cutting edges such as milling tools and drill bits. In addition to the tool calibration it also contains a tool breakage detection.

TCP software stud welding

This software add-on was developed specifically for the calibration of stud welding tools with a foot. It facilitates the calibration of the stud or chuck, whereas the software can differentiate between the chuck and the foot.

TCP software sealant nozzle (hook nozzle)

This software add-on was developed specifically for the calibration of sealant nozzles with special geometries (hook nozzles) for hem sealing.

TCP software tandem torch

Both welding wires can be calibrated simultaneously.

TCP software cutting tools/blades

Enables a 6D calibration of cutting blades such as deburring knives and ultrasonic knives. Exact calibration of the cutting direction.


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advintec TCP

advintec TCP

Tool data calculation & tool calibration in up to 6 dimensions


Sensor & vision solutions

Sensor & vision solutions


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