Calibration / measuring systems

advintec TCP – calculation and calibration of robotic tools and fixtures in up to 6 dimensions

Applicable for all robot brands.


The fast and precise TCP calibration system

The challenge

Continually securing the correct operating position for fixtures and robotic tools such as welding torches and milling tools.

The solution

The advintec TCP tool calibration system calibrates the tool or fixture electronically in up to six dimensions. The robot program is automatically corrected by the measured variations and ensures that the tool always operates at the correct position. advintec TCP is a high-precision calibration system that can be used for all robot types and most robotic tools, making it independent of specific manufacturers.

Your benefit

Correction takes place directly and automatically in the ongoing production process.

Sizes & dimensions

advintec TCP precision infrared sensors - available in three sizes (internal dimensions):

  • 120 mm × 120 mm
  • 240 mm × 240 mm
  • 320 mm circular

advintec TCP high precision laser sensors - available in two sizes (internal dimensions):

  • 120 mm x 120 mm
  • 320 mm circular

advintec TCP XS sensor only available in 120 mm x 120 mm infrared

Six dimensions
A = Rotation around Z axis
B = Rotation around Y axis
C = Rotation around X axis

Advantages at a glance

  • Automatic absolute calculation of robotic tools and fixtures
  • Auto-commissioning and ease of use
  • Simplified Integration in the production line due to small footprint
  • Robust sensor available in two sizes
  • Multi-sensor-system (connection of additional sensors possible)
  • Connection of the calibration system to the robot controller, i.e. the calibration procedure takes place in an evaluation unit and transfers correction values to the robot controller
    • High process reliability
    • No additional PC‘s required
    • Logging of calibration data
    • Data evaluation possible at all times
  • Automatic correction of the trajectory due to wear and tear or tool-replacement
    • 100 % quality assurance
  • Reduction of costs
    • Prevents the production of defective parts
    • Reduces scrap and rework
    • Short setup times

Technical data

Sensor type
2 channel infrared 880 nm, pulsed at 2kHz
Serial or field bus (DeviceNet, Profibus, Profinet, etc.)
Calibration accuracy
0.02 mm
Typical calibration time *
3 sec. complete 2D calibration
6 sec. complete 3D calibration
9 sec. complete 5D calibration
15 sec. complete 6D calibration
Protection class
Dirty surroundings
2 or 3 translations
5 (3 translations + 2 rotations)
6 (3 translations + 3 rotations)
Automatic correction of tool data
Fields of application
Arc welding, stud welding, spot welding, laser cutting, tig welding, glueing, milling, drilling, grinding etc. 
6D: Gripper calibration, fixture calibration, power train applications, high precision applications
CE mark
Operating voltage
10–34 V DC
IBS connector, 5-pin, PE advance conn.

* calibration times can vary depending on conditions


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advintec TCP

advintec TCP

Tool data calculation & tool calibration in up to 6 dimensions


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