Stress-proof flexible talent for Industrial Ethernet

The new PROFINET cable from Leoni Special Cables GmbH (LSC) can withstand one million bending cycles at a torsional load of 180° per meter length.

It is ideally suited to any application involving extreme torsional stress.

Fine-stranded conductors make the Cat 5e cable in the FieldLink® family fit for a life on the move. The star-quad arrangement of the four cores increases the resistance to lateral/compressive pressure. The halogen-free, highly elastic polyurethane outer sheath is ideal for high-flex performance. Notable not only for its abrasion resistance, it also provides protection against grease, oil and lubricants. Thanks to the admixture of flame-retardant additives, the sheath satisfies the flame-retarding requirements of IEC 60332-1-2. In view of LSC's global presence, the UL AWM classification for the North American market also comes as no surprise (UL style 21161).

The new Cat 5e cable is a significant addition to the FieldLink® range in the particularly fast-growing segment of Industrial Ethernet applications. LSC is thus accompanying Ethernet faithfully on its successful journey from the pampered office environment to the harsh realities of industry, where only the true survivalists among cables are able to endure.

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