Raising the bar

For the first time, Leoni delivers more than 500,000 engine wiring assemblies in just 6 months.

With an impressive sales record at its back, the Leoni Business Unit Automation & Drives is ready to kick it up a notch before the year is out: For the first time in the company’s history, over 500,000 engine wiring assemblies were sold to a number of renowned OEMs and their customers worldwide during a six-month period in 2008. And Leoni is still pounding out products at full capacity. Right now, approximately 400 employees – spread out over locations in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and China – produce up to 5,500 units daily; all in the upper echelon of quality at only 15 dpm (defects per million).

Next to the wide range of cables for automation and drive technology, the pre-cut and assembled engine wiring assemblies are among the essential products of the LEONI Business Unit Automation & Drives. The product portfolio comprises a total number of 2,050 cable types of approximately 23,600 different lengths and includes Leonis own cable products as well as cables from other manufacturers.

Leoni is always striving to raise the bar, not just in production output, logistics, quality, flexibility and cost-efficiency, but in speed as well. Usually, customized engine wiring assemblies are ready for shipping within 5 workdays, and, provided the required cables are in stock, particularly urgent orders are on their way to the customer only one hour after placement of the order.

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