Maximum precision on several dimensions

Non-manufacturer-specific calibrating system ensures 100 % production quality

Laatzen – Leoni, the cable systems specialist, has, with its sens-line TCP-3D, developed a high-precision calibrating system that can be used for all types of robots and machinery with rotation-symmetric tools and is therefore not manufacturer-specific. It measures the tool’s position electronically on three dimensions. The corresponding control programme is automatically adjusted for the measured deviation and ensures that the tool always works at the correct position.

The new system’s error detection operates in-line through its sensor system; correction takes place immediately and automatically during the ongoing production process. This prevents the customers from having rejects or to rework, thereby ensuring 100 % production quality and reducing costs. Furthermore, it dispenses with manual programming corrections or position-related disruption involving tool wear or changeover.

The measurement takes place without reorientation moves and is contactless. The advantage in contrast to conventional tool calibration is that there is no additional wear of the tool. The measurement system is connected directly to the robot or the control system via a newly developed, compact electronic evaluation unit that carries out the measurement independently with its integrated algorithms. The correction values ascertained can thus also be sent directly to this control system. The autonomous system does not depend on information such as position readings coming from the robot or the machine, instead relying on its own precise readings, which rules out potential error sources.

Incorporating the sens-line TCP-3D in the production line is easy, thereby reducing the programming required on the robot or machine to a minimum. Quick fitting as well as straightforward commissioning are further features of the system. Because the measured data is continually logged it can be evaluated at any time. The use of additional PCs is therefore no longer required.

Areas of application for sens-line TCP-3D include electric arc welding and soldering, spot welding, bonding and milling. 

Technical data

Both the sensor and the electronic evaluation unit conform to the IP67 protection rating and are consequently also very well suited to tough ambient conditions. The casing is robustly made and CE compliant. The operating voltage is 10–34 V DC; internal power consumption is less than 200 mA. The system is hooked up via a standard IBS connector, 5-pin, PE leading.

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