Machine Vision System Expertise, From Common to Complex Systems

For decades, machine vision technology has played a significant role in improving processes and efficiencies for automotive manufacturers. In fact, automation technologies such as machine vision and robotics may be most closely associated with the automotive industry. Even so, automotive manufacturing processes evolve rapidly, creating new opportunities for machine vision systems to add value in novel ways.

As machine vision suppliers innovate their offerings, companies need systems integrators who can properly specify, design, and integrate these technologies onto the plant floor. BizLink — formerly LEONI Engineering Products & Services (LEPS) — has kept pace with these advances, offering manufacturers one-stop, custom machine vision solutions.

An Evolving Technology  

Machine vision systems help automotive manufacturers verify assembly and detect defects during production, but the range of potential applications is vast. For example, machine vision systems might perform relatively basic tasks such as presence/absence, measurement, and gauging on brake, suspension, or engine powertrain components. On the other hand, more sophisticated machine vision systems can leverage deep learning technology to ensure proper automotive seat mold assembly — a complicated process that involves highly variable automotive parts.

For instance, one vision system designed by BizLink ensures proper seat mold assembly. The flexible, automated inspection system uses industrial imaging, robotic, and deep learning technologies to accommodate several different part numbers, models, and inspection tasks.

It doesn’t end there, of course. In addition to performing tasks such as surface defect detection, end-of-line inspection, transmission gear stack verification, and wire/cable routing verification, 2D and 3D machine vision systems also provide visual guidance for the industrial robots that handle the automotive components during the manufacturing process. Whatever the need may be, BizLink can help automotive manufacturers when it comes to machine vision systems integration.

Machine Vision: A Little Art, More Science

Each automotive manufacturer has different requirements and needs when it comes to automation, and the vision team at BizLink addresses this by specifically targeting individual customer needs instead of turning to an off-the-shelf solution.

“The vision team at BizLink takes a wholly agnostic approach to developing turnkey machine vision systems that best fit a customer’s specific needs,” said Jim Reed, vision product manager at BizLink. “Our team creates an in-depth, impartial, and application-specific training manual for every application, which creates a seamless transfer of ownership to the customer.”

With that in mind, the BizLink team works with several different machine vision vendors to provide the best solution for the specific task at hand.

“While it’s probably a bit of both, we treat machine vision as more of a science and less of an art, so we identify the right product and the right technology to produce a professionally engineered machine vision system that will help improve processes and drive revenue for our customers,” said Reed.

BizLink’s machine vision system is an innovative piece of technology to enhance automation. For questions about BizLink;s machine vision systems and services, contact Jim Reed by email at or by phone at 248-766-6844.