Leoni expands range of bus cables for industrial engineering

Two new cables for Industrial Ethernet and CC-Link

Friesoythe – The Leoni AG Business Unit Industrial Solutions has added two new champions of flexibility to their range of products for industrial customers: an Industrial Ethernet Cat. 6 cable that withstands more than 1 million bending cycles without complaint, and a CC-Link cable capable of surviving more than 1.5 million bending cycles.

"With these two newly developed products, we offer solutions for high-speed data transfer in drag-chain cable carriers at the high level of quality our customers have come to expect from Leoni," says Peter Gerstenberger, managing director of Leoni Business Unit Industrial Solutions. "Both cables are ideally suited for operation in energy tracking chains and on constantly moving machine parts under industrial conditions."

Leonis solution for the Industrial Ethernet bus standard features a star shaped filler that lends the cable ideal stability and flexibility for highly mobile drag-chain operation, while at the same time separating the four strand pairs in order to ensure compliance with the demanding Cat. 6 data transfer specifications. This also means that the strands do not require additional foil sheathing which would heavily impede the cables' flexibility. Leonis high-speed data cable easily survives more than 1 million bending cycles at a maximum radius of 58.50 mm (7.5 × D) and a speed of 4 m/s.Operating temperature ranges from –40 °C to 80 °C for fixed installation, and 30 °C to 70 °C in drag chains. Furthermore, the new addition to Leonis FieldLink® range of bus cables is non-flammable, oil-resistant to CSA specifications, UV-resistant, abrasion-proof and halogen-free. It is also ULand CMX certified.

The new CC-Link lead for drag chains is a comparatively simple design. The three CC-Link strands in the core are insulated by a layer of thermoplastic elastomer and then – just like the industrial Ethernet cable – protected by an outer sheathing of polyurethane (PUR). PUR is the ideal sheathing material for cables facing extreme demands on flexibility and toughness in rough industrial environments. During long-term testing under real-world conditions, the Leoni CC-link cable effortlessly went through 1.5 million bending cycles at a radius of 85 mm (10 × D) and speed of 4 m/s. Operating temperature, whether installed flexibly or fixedly, ranges from –40 °C to 80 °C. The second new addition to the FieldLink® family is UL certified for the North American market and, in compliance with UL standards, nonflammable, oil-resistant, abrasion-proof and halogen-free.

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