Industrial Grade Cabling for USB and FireWire*

Making data-bus cables capable of meeting the challenging demands of operations in industrial network environments is part of the daily business of design engineers at cablemaker Leoni Special Cables (LSC).

Thanks to this tremendous reservoir of expertise, users of extremely popular USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) cabling now have access to industrial grade variants of these cables. Outstanding features offered by FireWire and USB cables include the convenient plug and play attachment of computer peripherals and the direct linkage between devices. They achieve transmission rates with speeds as high as 400 Mbit/sec.

The signal pairs of the industrial grade IEEE1394-FireWire and USB cables are optimised to the same high level of symmetry as current Ethernet cables. This ensures cable bandwidth that is well prepared for future increases in data rates.

A worldwide unique extrusion technology offers the physical foaming of the polyethylene dielectric. With a 65% ratio of the cell volume, physical foaming is superior to chemical foaming, which reaches its limits at approximately 50%. The process can be applied to even the smallest conductors (up to AWG 28). Physical foaming allows consistently thin wall insulations – providing cables with improved miniaturization, tighter bend radii, and less weight. LSC's unique foaming also comes with an optimised dielectric loss tangent of the insulation (3*10^-4 instead 3*10^-3) – resulting in a ten percent lower pair loss for higher frequencies (above 100 MHz). Ultimately, this allows for a ten percent increase in cable reach without increasing the diameter of the cabling.

To ensure that the cables operate flawlessly in harsh industrial environments, where they provide a fast link between industrial PCs and peripheral components, LSC puts its huge toolbox of different jacketing materials to work. The cablemaker offers the same variety as for its well-established line of FieldLINK® bus cables.  Utilizing this expertise, FireWire and USB cables can be specified and built with special protection against fire, high temperatures, chemicals, UV radiation, mechanical stress and welding spatter.

Additional customisation is available on request. LSC offers USB and FireWire cables ranging from AWG 20 to 28. The cables can be ordered with and without integrated power supply wires.

* FireWire is a registered trademark of Apple Computer.

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