FieldLink® – now available for SafetyBUSp

Leoni Special Cables GmbH (LSC) has added dedicated cabling for the SafetyBUS p system to its FieldLink product line.

The new SafetyBUS p bus cables are available with three different outer jackets matching a wide range of challenging applications.

The basic version of the 3-core cable comes with a “classical” vinyl jacket. Complying with the strictest safety regulations in fire hazard environments, LSC's new SafetyBUS p cable is available with a FRNC (flame-retardant-non-corrosive) sheathing. In case of fire, FRNC materials are self-extinguishing and won't set of aggressive acid fumes. For installations in tough industrial environments (such as cable tracks with severe mechanical stress from continuous flexing), customers will opt for the SafetyBUS p variant with a rugged polyurethane (PUR) jacketing. This outer jacket material also provides for equally good cable flexibility in cold and heat.

All three SafetyBUS p cable variants are designed for flexible applications. They fully support the attributes of the SafetyBus p protocol, which has emerged as the leading bus standard for security systems in automation. It already counts more than 110,000 installed networks (nods) worldwide. The SafetyBUS p cables come with the convenient “ES” feature. “ES” stands for “Easy to Strip”. LSC offers special ES stripping tools for these cables, which allow for fast and safe assembly and termination. The high-precision ES tools enable the installer to prepare the cable perfectly. The tools cut and remove the outer jacket and the overall shield in one single step.

Under the FieldLink brand, LSC offers bus cables for an extremely wide range of different data-bus protocols and specifications. The portfolio covers basically all global bus-systems. It includes precise cabling for Profibus, Interbus, CAN, Industrial Ethernet, AS-Interface, DeviceNet, CC-Link and others. FieldLink cables are available for fixed installation and for continuous flex environments. Since last year, LSC became a member of the SafetyBUS p club.

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