Automatica 2018: Leoni presents compatible rivet feed-hose connector for the first time

Simple and quick replacement of rivet feed-hoses and rivet feed-hose cores in protective sheathes – hall B5, booth 307 and hall B6, booth 330

Nuremberg – LEONI, a global provider of solutions for energy and data management to the automotive sector and other industries, today announced a further contribution to the development of modern maintenance strategies. With its new rivet feed-hose connector, the company enables the precise and rapid repair of extruded rivet feed-hoses or rivet feed-hose cores in protective sheathes for robotic applications, setting new standards in quality and flexibility. At Automatica, the flagship fair for automatic control engineering and robotics, LEONI will present its new rivet feed-hose connector for the first time.

The 'LEONI connector for feed-hose' is a robust and highly compatible solution that allows an easy replacement of rivet feed-hose cores in sheathes or extruded rivet feed-hoses in case of wear or maintenance and repair work – without any time-consuming and inconvenient dismantling of other system components. The key advantage is the reduction of downtime. Furthermore, only the most stressed part of the feed-hose needs to be replaced – which also leads to additional cost savings.

The exceptionally flexible system design also ensures that the rivet feed-hose connector is suitable for all common types of rivet feed-hose cores with T-profiles, independent of the brand. The key principle is simple: the rivet feed-hose connector consists of a robust aluminium main body in which the rivet feed-hose cores meet in the middle. Plastic adapters in the main body align the rivet feed-hose cores and are exchangeable according to individual requirements. Spring-loaded retaining pins ensure a precise positioning of the individual plastic adapters in the main body. The inner profile is designed to ensure that incorrect installation of the plastic adapters is impossible, securing the axial position of the rivet feed-hose cores with the plastic adapters. Compression glands on each side of the main body make the system extremely pressure-stable. The rivet feed-hose connector is also maintenance-free.

The rivet feed-hose connector combines technical advantages with economic benefits and suits the slogan 'Optimise your Production' chosen for this year's Automatica, which will be held from 19 to 22 June in Munich.