A hot workplace – PROFIBUS DP cable for the hot end

For the “hot end” of its glass production facility, Software-Technologie-Glas GmbH (STG) required a bus cable over which sensors and actuators could be driven from a central controller.

The company, located in Cottbus, has achieved prominence worldwide with its solutions for energy efficiency, reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions, use of oxygen probes and for optimum process of industrial furnaces.

Its use in the production area of the glass industry, including the melting of silica sand and lime at 1,500 °C, would place tremendous demands upon the thermal resistance of the cable, which was to be employed over a total length of 4,000 metres. With their ambient temperature limit of 80 °C, standard PROFIBUS products with a PVC sheath were not therefore an option.

Following detailed consultation and testing, a solution was found in the comprehensive range offered by Leoni Special Cables GmbH (LSC). The product selected was a PROFIBUS DP type from the proven FieldLink® product family, which includes cable solutions for virtually any conventional bus system used in plant automation. With its fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) sheath, the cable (order no. L45467-G16-N17) is perfect for the hot workplace: it momentary defies temperatures of 240 °C and can withstand temperatures of 180 °C according to the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE) in continuous service (205 °C max. 20,000 hours). At the same time, the cable meets the electrical specifications of PNO, the PROFIBUS user organization, since LSC possesses physical foaming technology not only for polyethylene (PE), but also for FEP.

Since an additional feature of this FieldLink® family product is its resistance to chemicals and oil, it also represents an attractive option for other adverse environments.

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