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New Easy-to-Strip edition of Cat 6 Ethernet cables for quick installation in the field

With its new Industrial Ethernet Cat 6 cables, the latest addition to the successful FieldLink® line, Leoni Business Unit Automation & Drives promises significant time savings during assembly in the field. The specially designed Easy-to-Strip structure enables simple, swift and safe assembly by reducing the two-stage process of cutting the outer jacket and the inner sheath to one single step which can be performed with an ordinary stripping tool. Furthermore, the eight-core twisted-pair cables allow for comfortable installation using RJ45 connectors.

The new, PVC-jacketed Easy-to-Strip cables – available as variants for both static and flexible installation – are Leoni’s early reaction to the current trend towards Gigabit-Ethernet in industrial automation. Both variants meet the rigorous Cat 6 requirements and score extra points with their outstanding toughness. They are oil-resistant, UV-resistant, and fire-retardant – and they are licensed for sale on all major markets in accordance with the relevant EN and UL standards.