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The Robotics market has been conspicuous for many years due to solid growth and positive future prospects. Worldwide, industrial robots are an integral part of modern production halls. They provide the basis for precision, constant quality and short processing times. At the same time, electronics and mechanics have to interact securely. Products intended to be used in the robotics market have to meet specific demands and the required technical solutions are often quite challenging.

Products used for robots have to meet the highest requirements in terms of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. The products need to withstand rapid acceleration and deceleration, tensile, compressive and torsion stress as well as the millions of bending cycles. They also need to be resistant to high temperatures, weld spatters, oil and various other chemicals. The top priority with these systems is to safeguard the productivity of systems and hence to ensure the reliability of the cables and system solutions.

Application example arc welding

Application example integration-ready robots

Application example arc welding

The quality and consistency of a welding seam is of major importance. If the welding result is insufficient the entire production process can come to a halt because defective parts, high reject rates and thus high costs are the consequence.

Arc welding is used for side beams or wheel arches e.g. In this process the TCP of the welding wire can move slightly when it comes to copper wear in the contact pipe of the welding torch. Aside from that, the TCP can also deviate from its origin after cleaning the welding torch.

LEONIs calibration system advintec TCP controls the TCP of the welding wire, also during automated production. The robot program is automatically corrected by the measured variations and ensures that the welding torch always operates in the correct position.

Application example integration-ready robots

The challenge of integration-ready robots lies in the large variety of robots and applications. For all of these we have to design and supply complete, fully functional, robot function packages. Our customers wish to receive turnkey system solutions.

In this process a significant part of the LEONI product portfolio is involved. We install robot dress packages, tools & weld controllers, dense packs, electrical junction boxes etc. We also take over the configuration, setup and test of tooling, software and Tool Center Point calibration. Moreover we handle the programming and integration into existing production equipment or set up of new systems.


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