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Industrial communications in all it’s diversity

In state-of-the-art automation, the trend is towards ever more complex bus systems that have to cover all the data transfer from the supervisory to the actuator/sensor level on the machine via increasingly sophisticated cables. At the same time, these new systems must match or exceed the assurance and reliability of existing industrial cabling.

The FieldLink-product family provides you with the optimum solution for all common bus systems: be they AS-Interface, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS or PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet applications. We are there for you at all levels of automation. As a member of various associations and user organisations we are always at the hub of activities in this field and thus actively contribute to the further development of industrial communication.

Application example PROFIBUS cable

FieldLink® PROFIBUS cable for controlling industrial furnace processes

Our PROFIBUS cable was specially developed for the hot-end segment to control industrial furnace processes. The problem was that standard products with a PVC jacket can withstand a maximum temperature of 80 °C. This was solved with a PROFIBUS DP cable that has a high temperature-resistant FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) jacket, which withstands a constant operating temperature of 180 °C and can briefly even survive temperatures of 240 °C.

Even under such extreme strains, the cable maintains the electrical performance prescribed by the PROFIBUS user organisation. The reason is LEONI’s expertise in the process to physically cell FEP.

Application example DeviceNet cable

FieldLink® DeviceNet cable to conduct material fatigue tests for the A380

Here the search was for a cable that has to endure an extremely high number of flex cycles and possible oil contamination because of hydraulic cylinders.

LEONI’s solution for this special application is a highly flexible DeviceNet cable with UL1581 approval. Its hybrid structure saves laying costs because the cable contains both data and power supply conductors. DeviceNet furthermore enables easy programming because the protocol is based on the CAN standard.

Application example AS-Interface cable

FieldLink® AS-Interface cable for use in a cold storage facility

The customer’s requirement in this case was for a cable suited to applications in extreme cold. Apart from having to resist cold, the cable is exposed to the constant movement of a rolling door. LEONI addressed this problem and developed an AS interface solution with a jacket of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This outer jacket is abrasion proof as well as very flexible at temperatures as low as – 40 °C and is thereby able to fully meet the requirements set for LEONI.

Application example PROFINET cable

FieldLink® PROFINET cable with rodent protection for outdoor use

Cables that are fixed-installed in the open air, in cable trays as well as ducts and conduits are frequently damaged by rodents. LEONI developed a PROFINET cable for this, which, with armouring of steel tape and a polyethylene outer jacket, withstands the attacks of rodents. The cable furthermore boasts increased protection against EMC interference thanks to its steel tape armouring.


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