Factory Automation in motion


Assembly instructions

LEONiQ – The intelligent key technology of LEONI for robotics

LEONI applications


dresspack systems, measurement and vision solutions

LEONI Wheel & Tire Validation System

LEONI retract system


Exchange the dresspack LSH 2 with LSH 3

LEONI B-Flex Cobot


Mounting system for collaborative and lightweight robots

advintec® 6D laser measurement


Calibration systems for grippers, parts and fixtures in up to 6 dimensions

advintec® TCP


Calculation and calibration of robotic tools and fixtures in up to 6 dimensions

Summary of the portfolio of the Business Unit Robotic Solutions

Introduction of the Business Unit Robotics portfolio

Machine vision systems

LEONI machine vision systems that monitor and approve workflow and error-proof customer manufacturing processes in real-time

LEONI robotic cables, hoses and assembly


Each of our unique cable and hose designs provides unparralel durability and performance.

Integration-Ready-Robots & commissioning

LEONI robot dresspack solutions – reliable, durable and flexible

Robot, PLC & offline programming


Programming & optimization of robotic applications

Automation systems training


Effective, high-quality training: essential for your successful operation – provided by LEONI.